My new book about blogging is out!

I’ve been waiting for ages to tell y’all about this, but my new book has finally arrived!

It’s called Blogging for Photographers, and it’s a must-read for anyone who does a lot of visually oriented blogging, from professional photographers to food bloggers, fashion bloggers, DIY furniture-making bloggers, you name it.

The ebook version is £6.99 worth of DRM-free instant gratification via PDF. Hooray!

If you’re more into the idea of a hard copy — you know, for your gift-giving needs and your smarty-pants-bookshelf needs — you can buy a hard copy online, too!

BONUS: For my special friends on the Internet, the lovely people at Ilex Press have given me the promo code ‘bloggersrule’. If you use that, you can get both Blogging for Photographers and Blogging for Creatives for £9.99 each. More hooray!

Please do share the news around — especially that ebook link. I hope all y’all are having a wonderful day!

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