My book has launched! Android Photography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity

Aaaiiieeee! My book, my long-awaited book, has finally been published.

Android Photography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity is what it sounds like: a how-to manual for getting amazing photos out of your Android phone.

You can buy it at Amazon (linked above), at Barnes & Noble, at Target, and a handful of other places, too. I’ll update you with cool news on other places carrying my book soon.

It’s also an inspirational gallery of Android-powered work from international photographers — amateurs and pros. And it’s got an extremely thorough guide to the best Android Market photography and photo-editing apps, and guides on how to use them.

I spent a ton of time on this book, and I’m very pleased with the results.

If you buy it, I will love you. And I think you’ll love it, too.

From the publisher, Ilex Press:

Android-driven smartphones have revolutionised the world of mobile phones, bringing iPhone-like touchscreens to a mass market — and every phone includes a camera, always at hand.

This is a book for every Android smartphone owner who has an interest in creating stylish, fashionable, exciting and unique photos, wherever they are. This book selects the best Android apps out there and teaches how to use them through clear illustrations, inspirational images and a friendly instructional text. This book takes the fun-and-free spirit of Lomography, and applies it to the camera that’s already in your pocket. The best apps are listed, a wealth of inspirational case studies are included, and youll be introduced to the most exciting mobile photography in the world. With Android phones outselling iPhones in the US, and set to do so worldwide in 2011, this book’s time has come. Android users often ask where they can get the best photo apps; this book will guide them straight there. Readers will learn how to join a global community and share insights, ideas and images.

17 thoughts on “My book has launched! Android Photography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity

  1. Im sure it is a great book as +Jolie O’Dell! is super smart and quite the great looking woman. If the photos in the book are half as good looking as she is, the book will be amazing.

    Although I am an iPhone man, to know that I will be loved by Jodie (“If you buy it, I will love you”.) will be well worth the price of her book, as a matter of fact, it would be priceless.

  2. wow Jolie what a great idea, today we chat about mobile photography on our 3pm ET convo on #VZWBuzz – we will make sure to link to your book and I’m getting it for myself ASAP!

  3. Hi Jolie, glad to see that it’s available on Amazon UK. I’ve been wanting to get involved with photography while out and about for a while, but with my measly 3 MP iPhone camera there wasn’t much point.

    When I upgrade to the new Sony Android phone early next month with a 12 MP camera, this book will compliment the phone perfectly.

  4. Jolie,

    what an excellent topic for a book – I’ll try to get it through Amazon (uk) – they ship to Denmark.
    I’m not a photo expert, but I did write an Android photo app ( on a hobby basis ) with an unusual twist – it shoots up to 30 photos/seconds, so it is well suited for action shots.

    It would be very interesting for me to know your opinion about such an app ( I’m guessing that it is not mentioned in your book ) – and how it could be used in mobile photo space.

    ( I won’t plug the name of the app – this is your site, not my ad space 🙂 , but it should be findable on the Market – it’s fairly popular )

  5. This is a nice surprise. Not too long ago I saw an interesting YouTube video about PluralSight and their Android app. Then later I start following Roman Guy on twitter, but he doesn’t tweet much about Android. Before I decide to unfollow him I notice he got a tweet from someone named Jolie. And here I am. It’s a small world. Congratulations on your book!

  6. Just ordered mine! I never received conformation as to whether my photographs were used, so I decided to buy a copy anyway. If I receive a free copy too, it will make a great present for a fellow photography enthusiast. Thanks Jolie, I know you put the work in on this book!

  7. I bumped into the Dutch translation of your book in a bookstore in north Amsterdam, Netherlands. Loved the photos so I bought it and very much enjoyed it. Nice info for photo enthusiasts like me who are thinking of using a smartphone for the job.
    I have a question though. Android or iPhone, what would you recommend from your personal experience with photography in mind, and why?


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