On Receiving Consolation: How Prayer & Meditation Worked For Me

To suggest that God answers prayer is to open oneself up to accusations of schizophrenia.

After all, the finger of God never does come down and write on our walls. We don’t hear audible voices or see visions. God doesn’t send signs like a charlatan soothsayer at a séance.

But to deny that I’ve received an answer to my own prayers would be blatantly and obviously untrue. I am calmer, more productive, and much happier than I was nine days ago; that much is plain to anyone who’s seen me. But prayers aren’t answered like questions are. Prayer isn’t a call/response exercise.

Rather, especially in my recent experience, prayer is a calling forth of deep truths your soul already contains. In stillness and meditation, I have found that the consolations I sought were already in my life and in my heart; I just had to receive them.

In nine days of prayer, small realizations kept coming to mind. I would ask God for forgiveness and realize I needed to forgive someone, myself. I would ask God for daily sustenance and realize that I was actually sustaining myself pretty well all along. I would pray for God’s will to be done and realize that I didn’t have much control over circumstances, anyhow.

Most importantly, I would ask Jude to pray for my heart to be healed; slowly, I realized the breakup itself was the healing I needed. The past year of working on and suffering over a loveless relationship was what I needed to be healed from; the breakup was just taking my medicine.

Through these meditations, I’ve been able to let go of anger and choose deep contentment and happiness. After all, I’ve got my health, a fan-flipping-tastic job, a cozy apartment, loyal friends — given these circumstances, I’d be an idiot to complain.

That contentment, which grew every day as I meditated, is the answer I was looking for. And that answer did, in fact, come from God.

I’ve long believed that God exists most palpably in the best in people. When we are kind to strangers, God is there. When we speak against injustice, God is there. And even when we simply choose to live in gratefulness and joy, God exists in that choice.

And so ends the rather brief saga of my grief over love lost. I am choosing to live in what I consider to be a godly state of bliss, and there will be a partner in my future to share in it.

Thank you to everyone who has given me words of comfort and encouragement through this challenging time. We all go through heartaches; I hope my sharing mine has been able to help a few of you readers, too.

23 thoughts on “On Receiving Consolation: How Prayer & Meditation Worked For Me

  1. So glad that you are finally finding peace and contentment in your life! You’re so inspirational as a woman in this crazy techno-world that we live in. Keep on keepin-on!

    ( and keep blogging too!)

  2. Jolie,

    Your well written and soul felt reminder of the power of meditation/prayer is heart warming. We are God but we are not god’s. Knowing we are one with all is the true self realization and the power of prayer. Your wonderful post helped me remember, during a trying rough patch where anger wants to take over, that anger is the absence of love, and meditation and prayer helps us feel, hear, and be of and with Divine’s light.

    True Love is only true when it is a symbiotic giving not an unhealthy taking by one and a hoping by another. May you find that truth in Love and may your Love flow between you and your True.

  3. I am glad that you found comfort and healing and in your spiritual journey Jolie. In todays age of noise, hustle and bustle we often seek to drown out our anger and pain with more noise and action. But it is most often in the stillness that God can speak to us and most often in the beautiful, simple, events of the ordinary that he can reach out to guide us and bring us healing. I pray that you continue to seek and continue to experience that which I have find to be such a transformational blessing in my own life.
    Thanks for sharing this Jolie and God Bless.

  4. This is something I’m going to be mulling over for a while. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts…they have really had an impact on me.

  5. Jolie,

    It is my first time strolling around on your blog and I was absolutely blown away by your post.

    Your explanation and discovery of prayer and that it is not a is not a two way is something that strikes me out of the blue. Seriously, I thought I was thinking a lot about this topic, yet a rather childish appearance of two way calls remained in my head.

    What I find particularly interesting is your use of “God” in combination with mediation. It gives me reason to think you rather speak of a vague spiritual force contained in your soul then of the concrete “God” figure tied in with a form of religion I intuitively associate with this word. Is this an accurate understanding?

    What resonates a lot with me is you mentioning the break-up as a tough medicine to swallow, ending a loveless relationship as you put it. Equally I have ended a long relationship myself 4 weeks ago, which lasted about 3 years. I had settled for comfort not for love I realised. Even more so after reading your words.

    Jolie, I am curious how you go about meditating in the form you have described it here. Do you do this at a dedicated time and place close to personal rituals or in a less structured way? I would love if you get a chance to explain this.

    Again, thanks for this post Jolie, it has boosted my day immensely and given me much comfort to create more confidence from spiritual thinking.

    – Leo

  6. Jolie, it’s been a few months since I visited your blog. I’m sorry to hear about your break up but I am happy to hear about your healing. Your post was so refreshingly transparent and it blessed me.

    God has brought me through so many trials and I’m so glad that you are trusting in HIm.

    I wish you many blessings,


  7. Its fumy how we always try to create or manufacture the solutions to our problems when all we have to do is align out energy with god and receive what is already created for us. That’s the power of contemplation and meditation – it allows you to attract instead of create. All the answers, everything we need is laid out for us…we are just too busy with life to learn how to attract them.

  8. I am literally sitting in a coffeeshop with tears rolling down my face (im sure looking crazy). I Googled the words “how meditation help with my break up” and I found this page. I just broke things off with a guy Ive been dating for a year. I feel so empty. I have so much pressure from my job and so much school work to do today and all I want to do is lay in the bed, cry, and keep texting him to let him know he’s a horrible person. Anyway thank you thank you thank you. I’m going to print out your post and re-read it as a reminder that there is hope. I am actively seeking a place information and a place to begin my meditation. I am reminded how much God loves me when I “happen upon” a post like yours. I cannot tell you what a blessing it was to find this page.


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