Stallman: The Full Interview, Uncut

Here’s a complete and unedited version of my half-hour-or-so interview with hacker god Richard Stallman. [tweetmeme source=”jolieodell” only_single=false]

I owe it to you guys to let you hear all his words in context, in spite of the fact that I’m really embarrassed to have you hear me, as well. For one thing, I hate the sound of my own voice. For another, I was really nervous and I’m sure I said any number of stupid things.

Embarrassment be damned, here’s the whole interview — one of my favorite interview subjects of all time. Ralph Nader was a close second. 😉

The video starts rolling shortly after I asked my first question and continues until we get up to hug and say goodbye.

If you want to see the interview edited into five subject-based snippets, check out the Stallman series I wrote for Mashable, and don’t miss this special non-Mash video where he just talks about being a hacker and his favorite hacks.

12 thoughts on “Stallman: The Full Interview, Uncut

  1. The scope of the “non free” issue is so broad that most people have a hard time understanding it, they don’t have enough time to study it and think about it even if they do want to know, and it’s difficult for Richard to explain in one general session. It’s something that has to be continually discussed for it to sink in.

  2. that’s stallman for you, nice interview, and I think most people don’t like to hear their own voice on record, I think its more a matter of being unusual then the “quality” of the voice itself … however yours isn’t that bad, you should do it more often 😉

  3. Well, one thing you should know.. Never mention Open Source software with Stallman. He’s absolute about it. OSS is as much the enemy as Adobe. The only type of Software that won’t “attack” your freedom is FREE Software. 😉


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