Formspring Answers: How RWW Differs from Mashable

Taken from the bowels of my Formspring page, where you really can ask me anything. [tweetmeme source=”jolieodell” only_single=false]

QUESTION: Love your reading your stuff on Mashable! What percentage of articles do you get to choose the topic for (vs. assigned to you)?

ANSWER: Thanks so much!

The newsroom at Mashable is an interesting place.

For comparison, at RWW, I found 99% of the stories I wrote. Granted, I wrote less content overall, but almost everything I covered was dear to my heart… or at least, I thought it’d get decent pageviews.

At Mashable, I spend slightly less time finding the news on my own, but I usually get to claim the stories that really appeal to me, like Android news or developer news, even when the source is discovered by another writer or editor. Every now and then, I get assigned a post that I’d think was "meh" at first sight, but I almost always find an interesting angle in there somewhere.

All in all, the Mash newsroom is incredibly collaborative and professional. I totally love it!

Want to try it? Go ahead: Ask me anything.

photo by Jesse Lara at The Future of Money & Technology Summit

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