In Which I Become a Mashable Writer

Holy crap, you guys!

A scant two weeks ago, I announced with much sadness that I was leaving ReadWriteWeb.

I was overwhelmed and humbled by the quantity and quality of emails and phone calls I received in the minutes, hours, and days following that announcement, but I was utterly uncertain what I’d be doing to put Ramen on the table after my year at RWW. It was a tough call, but I’m now happy to tell you the good news: I’ve decided to join my friends and colleagues at Mashable as a full-time staff writer reporting on technology and social media.

What about the startup work I said I wanted to do? Let’s sidebar on that for a second. Originally, I’d wanted to do some work with startups, but after long, hard thought, I’m not sure I’d want to go into that field just yet, given the current state of my development skills. I’m still open to side projects, especially in terms of product design and management – as long as they don’t present a conflict of interest with my new job – but I think I’ll be holding off on full-time startup madness for now.

(Besides, with good ol’ Eston now working around the corner at isocket, I don’t think we need the only two people in our little household working crazy, around-the-clock startup schedules. Who ever would do the dishes?)

All that being said, I am THRILLED about my new job and can’t wait to get started. One of the biggest factors that made working at Mashable attractive to me is the culture.

You see, in various press rooms, buffet lines, and open bars around the country, I’ve bumped into Mash writers and staff and always been impressed by their utter friendliness, kindness, hard work, knowledge, and sincerity as individuals. Tamar, Jenn, Ben, Barb, Pete, Brett – all the folks in this organization are pure, unadulterated sweethearts. In their public bearing – and in their newsroom, from what I know of it – there’s no hint of underhanded dealings or Machiavellian manipulations. Coming from a top-notch, integrity-soaked blog like RWW, I can’t imagine wanting to work for a company that didn’t have that culture.

So! I hope y’all will keep up with me as I chase this new adventure! As always, please feel free to ping me with news tips, criticism, advice, invitations, and rickroll meme videos.

Friends, followers, and readers: I love you guys SO MUCH and am incredibly grateful for your support, encouragement, and help over the past few years. And to all those who’ve helped me get to this point – especiallyΒ Steve Hall, Allen Stern, and most of all, Richard MacManus – I appreciate you guys more than you can possibly know. Thank you for giving my voice a much-needed megaphone and showing me how to use it. YOU ROCK!

40 thoughts on “In Which I Become a Mashable Writer

  1. Mazel tov. Does this mean you’ll write anything you wouldn’t have written with RWW? I mean, the two (with Techcrunch and others) are essentially clones fighting for who will lead the morning news.

    • Hey, Ari!

      Actually, I’ll be covering a bit more social media, but I’ll still be covering technology news! I’m sure my analytical/critical voice will still come out at times, as well.

  2. There was a time in Miami when things didn’t look so great, right? But you grabbed your life by the balls, did what you needed to do and made it work. It wasn’t an easy road. It was daunting. It was challenging. And it was a little bit crazy.

    But you did it. You kept trying. You never gave up.

    I’m glad to have been part of the ride, Jolie.

    I wish you nothing but the best!

  3. Jolie,

    Congrats on your new opportunity. I know you will thrive there and they are smart to have snatched you up. Looking forward to you writing on one of my favorite blogs.


  4. Sweeeet!!! I always liked reading your writing, and now I still can. Good luck to you there. Remember that you will never draw the crowds Cashmore does, but that’s just because he’s Eurotrash.

  5. Nice! I had just started following your posts on RWW when all this happened. Mashable seems like a natural progression for you and I look forward to keeping up with your writing. Wahoo!

  6. What great news! I get more and more excited when I see Mashable expanding. I can remember the first time I met Pete for dinner to discuss coming to work for them and chatting with Adam H on the phone about the details. Love those guys, along with the rest of the team and have much respect for them.

    Congrats. Shall we celebrate with Karaoke soon?

  7. I totally missed this yesterday. Congrats Jolie. I’ve been reading your Mashable entries today and think that Pete and his team have made a terrific investment in hiring you. πŸ™‚


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