Marijuana Cigarette Packaging: In Which I Answer a Hypothetical Question

I like to tinker with packaging design from time to time, usually under highly hypothetical, wholly improbably, and wildly inappropriate premises.

For example, there was the notorious “what if Lifesavers made condoms” experiment of ’09. Today, I give you the hastily sketched out “what if pot were legal and sold in retail outlets?” designs. To be honest and fair, this is all Eston‘s fault for posting the question in the first place during a conversation in which I speculated that Philip Morris et al. probably had packaging designs & marketing campaigns all lined up for the day that pot is legalized.

And for the record: Yes, I do firmly believe marijuana should be legalized for medical and personal use. I think that its cultivation and sale should be moved off the black market and should be regulated and taxed. Finally, no, I don’t use marijuana myself – but I certainly did in college and was generally no worse for the wear and, in fact, much better off than I was when drinking or using other substances.

For more details or a closer look, check out the Flickr set.

3 thoughts on “Marijuana Cigarette Packaging: In Which I Answer a Hypothetical Question

  1. Back in ’99 I wrote a futuristic piece on marijuana legalization in the Commonwealth for Throttle magazine. It mentioned the rumored ‘Black Jack’ packaging project that Philip Morris created and buried for the time being.

    Since then, I have met a few people who work in marketing for Philip Morris and they swear they know nothing about it.

  2. You are cool. šŸ™‚

    I can picture those designs creating a cannabis brand like no other. Nice work!

    The website I listed above is not done….. Not even close I just hate leaving that space blank because I feel like I should have one by now. It is a work in progress…

    Keep up the great work! I can tell you love what you do and that is a gift in this world.

    Will Saint (Bill St.Pierre)


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