On Reading, Sharing, Oversharing, & Value

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Howdy, friends and neighbors!

So, I was going through  my poor, poor feeds today. When I neglect them for a few hours, I get the sense that they’re like untended gardens and neglected children put together. They’re overrun, unmanageable, and just too much damn noise. But when I skim and read them at least once an hour or so, they are fresh, valuable, and intensely enjoyable.

See, I’m a Google Reader late bloomer, but since I’ve picked up on a few nifty tools (many courtesy of killer news-breaking bloggers such as Marshall Kirkpatrick and Jonathan Dingman), I’ve learned how to tame the vast amount of information on the Internet in such a way that my yields are finely tuned for relevance. They’ve saved me from scraping around for news on a Sunday night or simply resorting to making stuff up. They make me more informed, a better person who is aware of the world around her. Feeds blow my mind! Dude!

My problem now is that when I read, and the thing I read doesn’t turn into a ReadWriteWeb post, I share. I just checked out my Google Reader stats, and between Twitter links, Hacker News happenings, Adrants rants, and the get-off-my-lawn old-schoolery that goes down at Slashdot, I’m afraid that I might be sharing too much.

The numbers, dear reader, show that I’ve shared about a bajillion items so far this month, and this number is far more than the number of shares from other friends I subscribe to.

The problem, though, isn’t that I overshare. It’s that I read too much.

The numbers moreover show that this month, I’ve read a third of the Hacker News firehose, nearly a thousand Twitter links, half of every Google blog and Next Web and Inside Facebook post and all the Facebook official feeds, and about three quarters of every VC and startup blog worth reading. It comes out to about three thousand posts a month.

Now, I’m no math whiz, but it seems like I read more than your average bear. So, I share more than your average bear.

Consider this post an apology for oversharing in proportion to my peers and a heads-up to get your butt over to Google Reader and check out this crazy sh*t I’m sharing! I absorb at least half the tech-related Internet, so I might be a good source for interesting information.

4 thoughts on “On Reading, Sharing, Oversharing, & Value

  1. There’s no such thing as too much sharing. Keep sharing! Nice to see other Google Reader users out there. It’s far from dead (despite anything Scoble says).

    Now if we can just get your feeds to go from partial to full we’ll be set 😉 I’m okay clicking on a link for your content though.

  2. Your geekliciousness won’t allow you to stop reading and sharing! It’s your gift, nay, your responsibility to the world! 🙂

    And thanks for still reading Adrants.

  3. It is interesting to come to a post after a few months and see how things were when it was written, have you switched readers or stopped sharing that much? Too much travel lately? Cause I see now your shared on a pretty bearable level 🙂


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