A Kiva Story, Or, The Best Thing I’ll Do This Year

I wrote a post last night about a good friend.

I’m very fortunate to have this friend: A lady who outstrips us all in big-heartedness, pure momentum, action, dedication, and love. She’s a vulnerable, human powerhouse, and I love her and what she believes in.

Last night, she let me interview her and help tell a story. With her words and pictures, she gave me a story worth telling – a hard thing to find in the sea of Facebook nonsense, iPhone apps, startup scrambling, and general tech-related noise.

Sloane Berrent gives us a real-world connection. She tells us that, as Internet people, we can still make a real-world difference. Read this, and please share.

You see, as a journalist, the greatest joy I have is in telling stories like this one. Stories that truly show someone making a difference. Stories that inspire, that give hope, that show a better way of reacting to a world at risk. Ever since my J-school days of listening to others pontificate on social journalism, I’ve deeply felt that my best work would be that which benefited others.

Well, folks, this is that article. It’s not hard news. No one leaked documents. I’m not betraying anyone’s trust by spilling secrets. It won’t make kings or move billions of dollars. Nevertheless, I consider this to be the most important story I will write this year.

Because Sloane is my friend, and because she has transcended the navel-gazing and self-promotion inherent in our world and has a bonfire at her core that consumes poverty, disease, and injustice and emits a solution.

Also. If you’re one of those non-profit or Gov 2.0 types, you MUST speak with Sloane. She’s one of the few folks in our sphere who has both intelligence and understanding, who can dream and then turn the dreams into blueprints and bricks and mortar.

Love that girl.


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