Princess Playdate: The Revival

UPDATED: Full set list with vids!

Two years ago, there was a Dimebag Darrell halter top. There was a cello, and a girl to play it. There was a toy piano, a 1970 Stratocaster, a collection of brass horns, a drum kit, and five conservatory dorks who knew each other back when.

With wildly different aesthetics but a passion for music that no one else could stomach, let alone match, the kids started jamming. First two of the girls wrote a silly song about sex & cheeseburgers on a couple toy instruments. Then, gradually, they got the other kids to pitch in their talents. A couple weeks later, a friend was having a birthday show in Hollywood, and this group of conservatory kids were faced with prepping and promoting their first (and last) on-stage appearance. What started out as a joke became a legend. I give you… PRINCESS PLAYDATE.

Our set list was, nevertheless, a tale of sex and cheeseburgers. The first song was intended as a white-man-blues odyssey with a trippy bridge in 6/8 and a chorus based on a line from Heartbreak Hotel, it was a crowd-pleasing, foot-stomping winner.

One of the luminaries of the group was Miss Star, a.k.a. Star St. Germain of Now a San Francisco-based code geek/designer/illustrator/musician/bassass babe, she was then an L.A.-based hopeful. Her music was some of the best-arranged and best-executed our band could pull together. “There Would Be Blood” is a song about, as she put it, “hookers in love,” to which I responded, “I love you, too!”

After all the sobriety and drama of hookers in love, we must turn to the levity of homeless suicide… Wait, what? “Don’t wanna hang/ Don’t wanna shoot. / Just don’t open your parachute.” Who are these people? A homeless man kills himself by jumping out of an airplane, and Jolie O’Dell writes a merry little tune about it.

The day before the show, the gang noticed their set list was short by about 5 minutes. Conservatory training to the rescue! This cover of House of the Rising Sun took about two hours to arrange and execute. Watch out for the horn player channelling Glenn Danzig and Al Jolson at the same time.

Finally, we ended the show with a funny little tune about a guy who wanted to give it to Jolie in an uncomfortable place. Originally titled “The Royal Position (On Anal Reciprocity)”, the name of this song was eventually shortened to simply, “Turn Around.”

Not bad for a bunch of drunkards far from home with bad instruments, 3 weeks, and hearts of gold-plated steel, hmm?

Other songs include Bexie Brown’s original composition (a complexly orchestrated band favorite, complete with French horn elephantine sounds), Miss Star’s song about gettin’ some strange, and the first song she and I wrote together – you know, the one about sex and cheeseburgers.

8 thoughts on “Princess Playdate: The Revival

    • Well, we never did an album! We broke up, actually, BEFORE this show. We didn’t really speak much until 6 months to a year after our one and only show was finished. The horn player and I are thinking a revenge reunion show/recording shesh is in order…

  1. Most enjoyable. I often considered jumping from an aircraft – but it seemed so uncivilized. Singing about folks with some slapstick is a far better scheme. The last track mildly concerned me – sounds like you need to mix in better company.

    That said, I laughed, grew concerned, laughed again, enjoyed the banging of instruments – and was entertained enough to sit through all five movies.

    I think you should reform and play The Royal Position (On Anal Reciprocity) outside Downing Street (with the full title).

  2. You all should totally hook back up and make an album. I’ll be looking for it on iTunes. I really like your quirky sound. I think you could be huge!

  3. I think you should definitely consider making ‘Turn Around’ available to buy somewhere (iTunes, etc.) … the very words spoken add to the sense of irony.



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