Toledo, Round Two: The Return to Ohio

social media toledoUntil the end of the month, I’m once again in gorgeous, friendly Toledo. I love it here!

I first became enamored of the town during the RoadTwip (pics – it happened). I got to meet my longtime Internet friend Mark Pannell, and he shared a ton of amazing information about his hometown with me. We talked about the tech scene here, the economy, the Mud Hens, and the need to stem the brain drain tide.

Mark’s given me access to the Dad Pad, a.k.a. his mostly unused downtown apartment, for a couple weeks. I’ll be camping out, getting eyeballs-deep in the local social media/tech scene, blogging my butt off and featuring Toledo-centric topics, and doing anything I can to help the folks here organize new events and – crossing my fingers – maybe even the seeds of a couple startups.

So far – and I’ve only been in town for about 24 hours – it’s been a whirlwind. I’m writing now from the Social Media Breakfast at the Elks Lodge, where we’re talking about social media for nonprofits (quite the hot topic these days; SMCRVA’s upcoming July event is all about same). Tonight is the stuff-of-legends-esque Tattooleetup, where the wired will become the inked… or something along those general lines. We’re also working on a full slate of tweetups, soirees, coworkings, and much more.

If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet up. I’d also love to hear everyone’s ideas about nascent social scenes, Midwestern tech culture, and the like – yes, this is a blatant plea for blog fodder!

Thanks again to everyone for reading, and I’ll see you soon somewhere along the road.  =)

4 thoughts on “Toledo, Round Two: The Return to Ohio

  1. Look how carefully we’re all paying attention to the speaker. I felt really bad, but I was just too damned tired to listen for too long. So far, an absolute lack of sleep has been the underlying theme to your visit. 😉


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