Tattooleetup: Twitter + Toledo + Tattoos


Friends, I write to you with a slightly stingy index finger.

The first ever Tattooleetup is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Some hardcore geeks up in here, for sure. This event was the brainchild of @7son75 and @8thLopez, both amazing and bright human beings. It’s a musical/performance art/tattoo/tweetup-type hybrid event.

Check out the pics and vids on Flickr. You should totally host your own tattoo tweetup; we’re having an incredible amount of fun here!

7 thoughts on “Tattooleetup: Twitter + Toledo + Tattoos

    • Seriously? I find that ridiculous for a couple reasons.

      Love – for friends, family, humans as a group, etc. – is such a basic emotion. It’s a need that we all have, to give and receive love on many levels.

      Any person, male or female, who is intimidated by an expression that love is a wonderful thing that the world needs more of is probably an emotional and intellectual Neanderthal who could never hope to hold my interest.

      On the other hand, if what you meant to say was that some men are intimidated by certain manual sex acts… Meh. It’s just more repressed thinking.

  1. I’m so mad that I missed it but I’m sure to be through the next one. It was nice meeting you by the way and I quoted you about this, “Tatooleetup is the best bad idea I ever heard of.” lol. Classic.

  2. What a fabulous time! Despite the fact that I had to park three blocks away because there was a Mud Hens game going on, it was worth the effort. Great people! Good times! If there were another event I would go earlier, stay later, and smile more!


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