My Real Life: Bubbles, Summer, Family

This is who I am when I’m not made of concepts and code. Video after the jump.

Note: ┬áNot a music video, just a moving picture of my family on a perfect summer afternoon. Features music by a person I love very much, Mr. Chris Merritt. Check out his website and BUY HIS MUSIC, because he’s amazingly talented and original.

The back story: My sister and her boyfriend had just been given huge bubble batons as belated birthday presents after dinner. My aunt had another two stashed for my little niece and for me, too! The bubbles were huge and vividly colored. We laughed and played, and it was so perfect. =)

As an afterthought, this is what most of my friends’ lives are missing: Simple, unplugged moments in the sun with people who have nothing to do with “the industry” but who care about one another desperately.

4 thoughts on “My Real Life: Bubbles, Summer, Family

  1. Hi Jesse!

    Nope, I used a program called Sony Vegas. It’s sick! The video here was kind of an experiment as I’m learning the software; there are about 500 different adjustments, effects, and filters.

    And yeah, this is my favorite memory ever. =)


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