A Word to My PR Homies: On an Awesome New Tool

Hey, holmes!

Here’s a quickie for your toolbelt: BuzzStream.

I had the opportunity to write it up recently at ReadWriteWeb, and the whole time I was testing the app, I was thinking, “Dang! This would be one sweet app for my PR homies!”

Here’s what it does: It allows you to find good prospects for media love and link love, add them quickly and easily to a personal database, save all their contact information automatically from a WhoIs lookup and site combing process, track your email and Twitter conversations with that person, and analyze how/when they cover and link back to you.

It’s social media pitching made simple, and I highly recommend you give it a look-see.

3 thoughts on “A Word to My PR Homies: On an Awesome New Tool

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Jolie. We’re excited about the initial response that we’re getting. What’s most gratifying for us is that the people like you (i.e., people who have lived and breathed this problem) are reacting the most positively to it. As you dig deeper into the product, I’d love to hear more of your thoughts.

    We’ve got some very cool new features in the works. I’ll keep you posted as we get closer to release.

    Paul May, BuzzStream CEO

  2. It’s great for those of us that have to wear a thousand hats – in a ocean of info that gets wider and deeper by the day.

    Buzzstream has really helped me collect up links and references as I go about doing what I do anyway.


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