A Word to My PR Homies: On Links in Press Releases

Hey holmes!

This is going to be a recurring feature, simply because I have too much to say and can’t dump on my journo peers all the time.

Here’s how it is: Anyone who works in any kind of journalism gets bombarded with press releases all the flippin’ time. They are great, so very great, because they save us the trouble of having to dig through garbage bins and listen at keyholes or read other people’s blogs.

For this, we are grateful. We LOVE our PR homies and appreciate the work they do.

But, holmes, you guys are all in competition with one another for the attention of a very small group of self-important people whose attention is at a premium already. I’d like to give you a few pointers on the best ways to get a tech (or any kind of) journalist’s attention, get your point across, and get your product or your client’s product a favorable review, write-up, or mention.

Hokay. So.

The topic for today: If you write me an email about your website, include a link to the website. A clickable link. Heck, include several.

It’s a pet peeve, but it’s annoying for us and unprofessional for you. Having to cut and paste a URL is a small hindrance, but let’s talk about conversion. As a PR pro, your job is to convert the lead (me, the journo) into press coverage for the client/product. Anything you do that puts a speedbump in that process is bad. And this is such a tiny, little speedbump to correct.

There are many more speedbumps we can discuss in the future, but for now, let’s keep it simple.

Word to my PR Homies #1: Include a clickable link in all press releases.

Love you guys, and you’re doing a great job!

2 thoughts on “A Word to My PR Homies: On Links in Press Releases

    • Dude, sometimes I have to Google the companies to find out what it is they actually DO. With all the marketing-speak, it becomes an exercise in translation.

      Wait for my piece here tomorrow morning… you might like it. As a former PR/marketing in-house flak AND as a print and web journalist, I feel I have a lot to say on the subject. =)

      Oh, and thanks for stopping by! You rock.


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