The RoadTwip Has Ended… For Now!

The party’s over, my friends: RoadTwip I has come to a close.

I challenge you to check out The RoadTwip Set of Flickr videos and pics:


Also, all the RoadTwip YouTube videos are awesome. Favorites of mine are the Official Trailer and the Nashville/St. Louis vid – both by the amazing KurtyD.

Please take a look, leave your comments, and let us know what we ought to do with ourselves for RoadTwip II!

4 thoughts on “The RoadTwip Has Ended… For Now!

  1. Hey there! I think we’ve been social media-stalking one another around for a few weeks now. 😉

    RoadTwip2 is still in the works. The gang is still in recovery mode, and Dingman is headed to Guatemala to rendezvous with KC Girl… Hopefully, more on that later. We’ll see what he has to say for himself.

    In the meantime, I’m considering May 29 in Bloomington, June 4 in NYC, and the month of July in Toledo to take care of unfinished business. Whereabouts will you be?

  2. I’m interested to find out more about this KC Girl, Guatemala thing.

    I’m in Portland now and will be heading to San Francisco this weekend. I’ve decided to take things slow and really enjoy myself along the way. I’ve been in Portland for a week and plan on spending at least as much time in SF. I will head down to LA after that. Then…who knows.

    BTW, I like to think of it as more along the lines of being social media peeping toms.


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