Read More O’Dell on ReadWriteWeb!


You heard it here… well, second. Beating my new boss on breaking a story would be a bit gauche.

I am now a writer for ReadWriteWeb.

Although my startup coverage will continue and, yes, escalate dramatically in the time to come, you will no longer be able to read it here. You’re gonna have to go to RWW for all that jazz now!

I can’t imagine I’ll have the time or inclination to post here every time I post there (as I’ve done for Adrants posts); however, I will keep everyone super updated via Twitter. So if you don’t follow me yet, please make a point of it. Might be a good idea to follow RWW, too!

Lots of thanks to the dozens of amazing people whose encouragement, support, name-dropping, introduction-making, meeting-scheduling, blessing-giving, and all-around awesomeness have made this possible.

I just write this stuff; my friends make it all happen.

Love from the Happiest Girl in the World,

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