Seeking Sponsors: Roadtwip!

Hello, lovely friends!

As you may have noticed if we’re friends on Twitter, there’ve been some murmurs about a road trip done social media style. After some internal deliberation, KurtyD, Dingman, and I have decided once and for all:




  • Three kids, one car, two weeks, and about 3,000 glorious miles of open road!
  • Tweetups in each city on the itinerary!
  • Interviews with thought leaders we meet with along the way!
  • And perhaps most exciting of all, live coverage of BIGOmaha, the freshest conference to hit our radar since ROFLCon.

Here’s the deal: We’re going to be posting killer blog entries, tweets, pics, and videos from the road; we’d even love to live-stream some of it, if we can! We fully expect all you jealous mofos out there will be living vicariously through us, so we’ll keep it coming full-force for the two weeks we’re on the road.

IMPORTANT: We are still looking for sponsors for both general and specific needs. If your organization would like to get involved and help up cover expenses for any of the following categories, please get in touch!

  • Food and beverages
  • Gasoline
  • Per diem expenses
  • Car rental or loaner
  • Lodgings
  • Wireless broadband
  • Video recording or photo devices
  • A new(ish) Mac laptop for video editing awesomeness
  • an iPhone
  • Any tweetup sponsorship (venues, food, drink, swag)
  • General sponsorship in return for video shout-outs, pre-roll, stickers displayed on laptop, T-shirts worn on camera, bumper sticker or other signage on the vehicle, etc. If you can dream it, we can shill for it!

I thought this might be a particularly interesting opportunity for energy drinks, rental cars, hotel chains, auto mainentance/tire shops, IT hardware, blogs, local social media groups, etc.

For more details, contact me at or 310.936.6762 (text or voice). And please, feel free to repost, digg, tweet, and shout out!

4 thoughts on “Seeking Sponsors: Roadtwip!

  1. Ah! Sounds like a great time. 🙂 Too bad you didn’t get in on the Ford Fiesta Movement – coulda had yr sponsor right there. In any case, I’ll be following – and when you get to Philly, let’s have a party!

  2. @Mark Not really, actually! It’s a blessing in disguise: If I’d gotten the Fiesta, I would have had to do prescribed “missions” every weekend, no free time for a 3,000 mile road trip.

    And me & the boys are definitely planning a Philly tweetup! =) Will keep you posted!

  3. That’s true – the missions might be limiting, though I’m creating my own missions. However, I guess they might not be ’round the country ones.

    Yeah, let me know when you breach the fine shores of ye olde City of Brotherly love. I’ll gather the gang together.


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