CS4 Trial Project #30: My Own Font!


For the final project of my CS4 trial period, I decided to use Photoshop (and YourFonts.com) to make my own font.

I am so, so obsessed with type; after going to the Crossroads of the West gun show last Sunday and marveling over the antique ammunition boxes with their amazing hand-lettered logos and typography, I photographed my heart out and made a study of the typography I had found.

I decided to straight-up copy some of the letters (such as the “W” in “Winchester” and the “N” in “Nimco”), and I then used the letterforms as inspiration for the rest of the alphabet, figures, and punctuation characters. Believe it or not, I couldn’t find a Q on any ammo boxes. It was totally the opposite of Scrabble.

After drawing all the characters I wanted on the YourFonts.com template image, I uploaded the JPEG and had my own font in seconds. The kerning is super not awesome, but I’ll have to adjust it later using another font editing program. Nevertheless, I’m SO EXCITED to have made my very own first font!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Gun Show:

Gun Show Font

Gun Show Font

Yeah, the “at” up there is my @ character. I think it’s the coolest damn thing. Also, the lower case is composed of alternates for the upper case, so’s you don’t run out of characters. Unless you’re typesetting something like “Silly Sally Struthers sure is a sharp shooting sure shot.” In which case, you need to get a new hobby. To download, just click Gun Show.

Text inspired in part by this weird-ass techno song from my weird-ass goth-clubbing youth.

And here’s the full character set:

Gun Show Font

Gun Show Font


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