Trial Projects, Concluded

Hello, once again, my darling friends.

Well, well, well. My thirty days of Photoshop CS4 and InDesign CS4 are over. I’ve managed to complete a design for each day of the 30-day trial periods, and I’m so very satisfied with what I’ve accomplished.

In just one month, I’ve added quite a few pieces to my previously limp and outdated portfolio. I’ve done character creation, illustration, Web bits and pieces, print design (including books, music albums, and ads), photography and photo editing, and original typography.

In addition to working on a wide variety of projects, I’ve also had the chance to improve my skills, both in terms of software knowledge and in terms of my overall steady hand and critical eye as an artist or designer.

If you’d like to join me in my retrospective glow, take a look at my collection of 30-day-trial projects (makes a great slideshow).

Of course, since every single bloody one of these things was a one-day quickie, you’re not going to get an idea of how a truly finished and well-edited piece of Jolie O’Dell graphic design looks. Still, as they are, some of these projects give me great pride as raw material.

Ok, I’m gonna get a diet Coke and watch my slideshow about 50 times.

Then I’m going to light a candle in front of the Catholic saint corresponding to jobs and stuff and say a prayer for gainful employment and the pursuant cash money.

Love you all, and thank you so much for your support!

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