CS4 Trial Project #25: Book

Hello, friends!

For the twenty-fifth project in my thirty-project run, I decided to publish a book.

Hah! That sounds so audacious.

To make a long story short, I’d been working on a cycle of poems for about six months and decided to release them as a 24-page free ebook to a select audience of friends and family. The title of the book is Pinkie Goes to Town, and it details a rough patch of my life that makes for good voyeurism, if nothing else.

Selecting the trim size, laying out the text, selecting the fonts, adjusting the tracking, and designing the cover took very little time; but I’m not displeased with the result. If the subject matter were not so personal, I’d post a free copy for download right here. Unfortunately, you’ll have to email me at jolie.odell@gmail.com to get the full scoop. There’s some nonsense even I won’t divulge online.


Book Cover

Pinkie Goes to Town: Book Cover

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