CS4 Trial Project #26: Illustration with Star’s Font

Hello, friends!

Not too awfully long ago, my dear-sweet friend Miss Star made a typeface all of her very own in just four hours! She was one brave participant in the 4 Hour Font Battle, and her and the other font warriors’ results are posted for your admiration and downloadination.

I downloaded Star’s font, simply titled Comic Serif, for myself; and my goodness, but it reminds me ever so much of all of Star’s wonderful hand lettering in comics, illustrations, and other projects. Girl has an eye for a letterform, tell you what.

Anyhow, I couldn’t get the font without playing with it and making some kind of design. The more I played, the more I discovered that the typeface itself was undeniably reminding me of Star’s unique idiom. So, I worked offa that and made this illustration of a joker playing card. Hooray!


Joker Playing Car Inspired by Star St. Germain

Joker Playing Card Inspired by Star St. Germain

For all y’all who don’t know, “when a dime bag was a dime” is a reference to a Self song, “Pattycake,” which Star and I played ad nauseum when we shared a dorm room in college.


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