CS4 Trial Project #21-23: Font Study

Hello, friends!

As a Christmas present, I got Indie Fonts, a book of fonts from independent type foundries such as P22 and Astigmatic Eye. I really love studying and discussing type, so this was the perfect geek-out present for a typophile like me!

With the book came a CD containing 30 fonts for my own use. How exciting! Finally, a chance to design without resorting to the crappily kerned free fonts on DaFont.com, my go-to guilty pleasure resource for knockoffs of name-brand fonts.

To celebrate, I decided to do three font studies on a few that I liked best. The three I chose were all display fonts, but the CD also included Eric Sans, a really elegant little sans serif with a killer swash on the uppercase Q.

Have a look at the results:


Atomic Suck

Font Study: Atomic Suck



Black Widow

Font Study: Black Widow



Strenuous 3D

Font Study: Strenuous 3D


Ful size versions available at my Flickr page.

Now, for those of you who don’t give a rat’s sweet derriere about typography, perhaps you enjoyed the intriguing quotations I used in the font studies. Perhaps they titillated the recesses of your psyche and made you yearn for more. They’re all from my newest (and shortest) book, Pinkie Goes to Town, which I am releasing as a free ebook for a very limited audience of friends, family, and readers of this blog. More on that later!


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