Jolie O’Dell with a Pig Face


Jolie O'Dell with Pig Face

Jolie O'Dell with Pig Face

Well, hello, friends!

Another fun part of the market trip today was the part with the pigs.

I’d heard a lot about the pig faces and stuff, but as I was photographing one particularly impressive pig face, this nice young dude picked the thing up by two hooks and tried to give it to me to pose with!

Never one to hoard the spotlight, I grabbed but one hook and threw up the two fingers that are the national symbol for “WE ARE NOW TAKING A POSED PHOTOGRAPH.”

So, I am now Jolie O’Dell, the Pig Face Girl. Yay!

3 thoughts on “Jolie O’Dell with a Pig Face

  1. HOLY SHIT YOU’RE ALIVE!!??!!!!!!!!
    (ok ok.. i was referring to the pigface.. not u)..

    Good to see you’re doing well, u look good! Funny that you’re in Ishikawa, Okinawa out of all places… when i was 13 I spent 4 months there living with a host family as an exchange student… I still promise myself to one day go back, i love it there.

    So I saw your 30 day CS4 challenge… i’ve got a good one for ya that once you figure out how to do will give you a whole new perspective on post-processing digital photography.. Without using ANY type of 3rd party apps or plugins/filters/strokes, learn how to create HDR shots from photographs taken using any standard DSLR… here’s some more info on what i mean, some of the most amazing photographs i’ve ever seen in my entire life, as well as a very easy way of teaching how to achieve the same results very easily…

    BTW, i noticed u were using just a kodak point ‘n’ click for that pig shot….right now you’re less than 20 miles from the epicenter of all digital photography. Prices for you to get a decent starter DSLR rig (i.e. a beautiful D40) would be uber-cheap and well worth it, esp. with the kinds of scenery you’ll be around. Just ask around.. it’s worth a shot.. all else just buy a used base + splurge on a new lense.

    Good to see you’re having fun still.. take more photos, drink more sake, and don’t stop bloggin’.



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