CS4 Trial Project #3: Album Art


Album Art Created Using CS4

Album Art Created Using CS4

Hello again, friends!

For today’s project, I decided to use my slightly dormant band, Hard Candy, as inspiration.

Using real song titles and lyrics from our mostly as-yet-unrecorded EP, I set the text in InDesign using three awesome slab serifs: Acknowledgement (a favorite I’ve used before), Cairo, and Latinia. All are available at DaFont.com.

I drew the Starlight Mint in Photoshop, using a photo reference for the razor on the album cover.

For finishing touches, I decided to set the whole on a background of Tiffany blue, one of my all-time favorite colors. In InDesign, I threw in a couple texture layers using multiply and overlay blending modes. Then, I generated JPEGS for Internet use and slapped together a mock up in Photoshop.

I wanted to keep it simple and brightly colored; all in all, I think it’s rather jolly looking for a couple hours’ work. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “CS4 Trial Project #3: Album Art

  1. I think i ‘ve heard of those guys..
    probably some of the best music
    to come out of our generation!!
    hopefully the Ep will come out
    one day. HardCandy is Awesome!!


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