CS4 Trial Project #7: Desktop Wallpaper


Desktop Wallpaper by Jolie ODell

Desktop Wallpaper by Jolie O'Dell

Hi again!

For today, I designed a quick desktop wallpaper that will also serve as a calendar for this month. Mom got tired of my asking what day it is.

So, yeah. Bingo. Cheap tables. Old guys. Whatever. I guess I wasn’t terribly inspired today.

There’s always tomorrow!

But at least I got to play more in CS4 (Photoshop, entirely) and figure out how to draw stuff made of paper. I still need a lot of practice at that, or a better technique. I could use some better techniques all around.

Anyone want to throw me a hint in that regard?

2 thoughts on “CS4 Trial Project #7: Desktop Wallpaper

  1. Thanks! Between this 30-days-30-designs project and all the copywriting I’ve been doing, I’ve kept myself busy nearly around the clock. I figure the more work I do, the more work I’m likely to get in the near future when I’m back in the States. =)


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