CS4 Trial Project #6: Portfolio Cover


Jolie ODells Design and Copywriting Portfolio

Jolie O'Dell's Design and Copywriting Portfolio

Ok, back to non-kawaii design. Sorry for the Hot Wing overload!


This time, I chose to start working on my portfolio for design and copywriting. I picked landscape half-legal for the trim size, so it’ll have a very distinctive, compact shape.

For the cover, I wanted to go dark and use my three favorite colors (aside from red): green, navy, and Tiffany blue. I settled on a big slab serif for strength, and once I got that part in place, I thought, “Gee, this is starting to look like one of those old album covers from Cole Porter days.”

So, with that, I set out to make the portfolio look as much as possible like an old LP. Since I love music and also collect old LPs, this seemed remarkably fitting; I’d been waiting for that lightbulb moment for the design that would “fit” my personality best.

Now all I have to do is design and write the interior (it’s a 16-page book). Whatcha think so far?


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