CS4 Trial Project #4: Webcomic Character Design

Oh, hai! It's Hot Wing! Click to see more.

Oh, hai! It's Hot Wing! Click to see more.

Hello, friends!

For my next design challenge, I tackled a project I’ve been meaning to get around to for ages.

I came up with the idea for Hot Wing around Valentine’s Day  ’08, and I was intrigued by the kawaii-ness of the whole concept from the beginning. I did some MSPaint and paper-and-pencil sketches while I was in the hospital this past fall, and I sketched out a story line of sorts.

After a few hours of drawing and fun in Photoshop CS4, I give you my newest little fwiend:

Hot Wing, the Littlest Blues Chicken.

Click the panel over there to see all of his adventures for today. He even has a cherry sunburst Les Paul!

With a few exceptions, I drew it all myself. There are some pebble/sand/thatch textures in the barnyard, but pretty much everything else was me hanging out with my graphic design tablet and squinting at pixels. So much fun!

Hope you like the Wing Man. He’s so cute…


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