CS4 Trial Project #1: A Kadomatsu New Year


A Kadomatsu New Year

A Kadomatsu New Year

Hello, friends!

For Day 1 of my 30-day CS4 Challenge, I decided to make a Happy New Year ecard to send to all my friends and family. (Click for the full-size version to send to YOUR family and friends!)

Since I’m in Japan, and the New Year is THE big deal holiday here, I decided to use a Japanese theme: the kadomatsu!

Using Photoshop, I pulled together a bunch of Japanese origami paper and textile patterns, skewing the colors to replicate the bamboo, pine needles, straw, and flowers used in a kadamatsu.

The typeface I used is Cafeta, a particularly nice sans serif I use kind of a lot.

The spacing on the type is ALL kinds of sloppy, but tonight here is New Year’s Eve, and I’m pressed for time!

I hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve and get to celebrate and have a wonderful time! Lots of love and hugs and happy thoughts from me.  =)


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