Rock and Roll Holiday Music, An Exhaustive Guide

Hi again, friends.

Another thing you may not have known about me is that I’m a lifelong musician. I gave my first public performance at the age of four, started piano lessons at age 10, got into the musical competition scene at 11, started taking operatic vocal lessons at age 14, and began my college studies in an opera performance curriculum.

As most of you know, my focus shifted from Rossini to the Ramones in the years that followed, but my love for music has neither died nor diminished. From my ill-fated band, Princess Playdate, to my other ill-fated band, Hard Candy, I have been zealously committed to being in ill-fated bands.

Another favorite pasttime has been criticizing those musicians more successful than myself. Fortunately, there is a vocation for people with my proclivities: Reviewer.

My way of saying “happy holidays,” then, is telling you what you should listen to, mocking what you already listen to, and generally offering disparaging pontification on what everyone else is doing musically this time of year. (I promise, I try to inject a bit of humor so as to not be completely insufferable.)

Here are a few articles I’ve written this month on rock & roll holiday music:

23 Modern Songs for the Holiday Playlist
Fresh Holiday Tunes in Rock & Punk Flavors

2008 Holiday Rock Songs
Singles and Albums Newly Released for the 2008 Holiday Season 

My Fantasy Holiday Songs Playlist
The Imagined Sugarplums and Stinkbombs of Christmas Music

and finally, my favorite:

The Very Worst of Rock & Roll Christmas Music
Ten Tracks and Albums from Hell (And Not in a Good Way)

Happy holidays to you all!


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